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Lynette Carolla
May 7, 2017 | Carolla Cocktails Club, Events, In the News | Lynette Carolla

Seattle...Well it's about time!

Seattle - well it’s about time! I’m going to toot Adam’s horn here for a second as well you, the fine folks of Seattle….

I remember when Adam was on his KLSX morning radio show out here in LA and he talked about how great the city of Seattle is. For one thing, it was one of the highest rated markets for his morning show in the West Coast. That was exciting. For another, he said it was polled as the smartest city in the country. Hmm, I’m wondering if the latter begets the former? (Toot toot!) Adam has done many live shows in Seattle. The Moore Theatre is one of his favorite places he’s played, hands down. He said he felt like a rock star when he came out on stage. Sharing video with me and the kids shot by Mike August (landscape) as he walked out to a standing ovation. I think Seattle gave a shot of vitamins Adam was missing in life. Not to get sappy but as most know Adam didn’t have the best childhood and lacked self esteem. As he became successful it was the fans love and support that filled that deficiency he was missing out of life.  And Seattle was there for him from the beginning.

I’ve never been, always wanted to go. Toyed with the idea of going with him, although I never travel with him for these events. He looks at them as work, gets in and out, back home on the first Southworst flight in the morning. I’ve had many discussions about visiting Seattle during a girls night, turns out I’m not the only one that’s never been and daydreams of going. However, now that our little Carolla Drinks team travels the country, boots on the ground, bringing Bar Crawls to different cities, the stars have aligned!

We’re all looking forward to the Seattle Bar Crawl. We’ve done about 6 of these now and every single one is like a love fest between us, the lackeys and the fans that come out and support. Picture everyone together on the bus, headed to a few bars throughout the night, Maxapada playing acoustic guitar on one bus…Ray arm wrestling on the other. You can’t do better than that on a random Saturday night (June 24th!!) in Seattle.

Seattle Crawl is going to be extra special though. We are bringing you guys some really funny, up and coming comedian and musicians to cap off the night of mischeif!

Look out Seattle, the Carolla crew is coming to give you a big old hug and a sloppy Phil lick to thank you for being there from the beginning. See you in June….XO


Travis's Gravatar
@ May 13, 2017 at 5:20 PM
Do you know what bars you'll be at yet....and when tickets will be available?

Virginia's Gravatar
@ May 14, 2017 at 9:21 PM

Daniel Smith's Gravatar
Daniel Smith
@ May 14, 2017 at 9:26 PM
Thanks.We've achieved the season of year when Seattle's at the very least: when programmed headlights flip on at twelve and you recollect the genuine reason Seattleites don't utilize umbrellas is on account of resistance is vain. You won't not have seen the daylight in weeks, but rather, kid, does the rain gushing down in pails look one serious part better from within a bar window with some dark colored alcohol in your grasp.

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