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You asked us, so here are the ANSWERS:

Why is there sediment in Mangria Wine Cocktails?

A) The definition of a tartrate (according to is, “a salt or ester of tartaric acid.” But in the wine world, we know tartrates as “those little pieces at the bottom of your bottle that look like glass shards. For those not familiar with tartrate crystals, seeing them at the bottom of your wine bottle or wine glass could cause alarm. But not to fret, tartrate crystals are a natural occurring substance in some wines and are totally harmless.

How do tartrate crystals form?
A) When tartaric acid and potassium combine under very cold temperatures, they create a compound known as potassium bitartrate, which is basically a salt. Typically this happens during fermentation and the crystals attach themselves to the fermentation vessel walls, not in the wine.  But in some wines, more complex ones, the crystals may form at a later state, such as in the wine bottle.

Do all wines have tartrates?
A) Nope. There is a method called “cold stabilization” that can separates the tartrates from the wine and then the wine is filtered to remove them. Actually, higher end wines are more likely to have tartrates since many are not fined or filtered in order to preserve the nuances and complexity of the wine. Though they are found in both red and white wines, they are typically more noticeable in white wines.

So what do I do with them? 
A) Most tartrates settle to the bottom of the bottle, so unless you have the last glass, you’re unlikely to get any. But you can certainly pour the wine through a fine mesh sieve to remove them should they be nuisance. Otherwise, put them to good use as salt on your meal 

Which states can Carolla Drinks ship Mangria to?

A) Due to strict compliance laws in the United States, not all states allow direct shipments of alcohol to consumer's homes. We currently have licenses to ship to the following states:  AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, ID, IL, IA, KS, LA, MA, MI, MN, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OR, SC, TN, WA, WI, WY.

How long will it take to get my Mangria shipped? 

A) Wine shipments take up to three days to fulfill and then UPS picks up. An adult must sign for all deliveries of alcohol. If you can’t be at home to sign for delivery, please use a work address. UPS will make three attempts to deliver and collect an adult signature so be sure to reach out to UPS to arrange follow up delivery if you miss the first attempt. 

Why did UPS not leave my package?

A) By law, UPS must obtain an adult signature (21 and over) in order to leave a shipment containing alcohol. Use of a work address or alternate address in which an adult can sign for deliveries is recommended. 

My package was returned, what now?

A) Our fulfillment team can send your order back out but there is a $20 reprocessing/shipping fee. Our support team will notify you by email once package is received at fulfillment and you will need to add your credit card on file signing in to your account online at: ONLINE ACCOUNT

Can I ship Mangria as a gift?

A) YES! Mangria is the perfect gift for any mixologist and cocktail enthusiast. When checking out, you will be asked to confirm shipping address. Be sure to click on dropdown box where it says, "Ship to" and click on "New Shipping Address" to enter the recipient's information. 

What is the length of my Carolla Cocktails Club membership?

A) All club memberships are for a one-year period and will automatically renew. NOTE: club shipments are sent three times a year, the first weeks of March, June and September.

How do I cancel a club membership? 

A) If you choose to cancel your membership after one year, provide 30 days advance notice in writing before the next club shipment to:

Do you have a newsletter?

A) YES! You are invited to join our newsletter and can sign up at the bottom of our website home page. We send monthly news updates around new releases, events and club happenings. 

How can I find out about Carolla Drinks events?

A) Check out our Events Calendar at: