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Lynette Carolla
June 6, 2016 | Lynette Carolla

HELLO Denver! Here we come.

Oh Hi Denver! I’m starting to get excited for our Denver Bar Crawl. The boys and I are packing up and coming to your town for one night. Why? Well, why not? I hear Denver is beautiful and you guys are up for anything right?

Come on down and hang out with Ray (I’m sorry but it’s his turn for the #MangriaBarCrawl), Chris Laxamana-Pada and his band. Haven’t seen them yet live? You’re in for a treat, they are adorable and they play a rocking cover of Santeria by Sublime. Plus the rest of the Carolla Lackeys (you know who you are…not you Denver).

Come raise a glass with us and I promise you’ll have a great time. Go to for tix.

Apologies in advance if anyone takes their shirt off and swings it above their head (Intern Nick).

Date: Friday June 10th
Time: 6:00 PM

Starting Location: Next Door
Address: 1612 E 17th Ave, Denver
Duration: 3 Hours
Tickets include; A Mangria toast beverage, transportation throughout the event, and drink & food specials.


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