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July 3, 2015 | Carolla Drinks

Carolla Drinks LAUNCHES the "Brand Ambassador Group"!

The Carolla Drinks Team welcomes our new Brand Ambassador Group!  15 super fans throughout the nation have been hand selected to represent Carolla Drinks socially.  This group is made up of Mangria customers who have been active in social media for the past year and who love to share their Carolla Drinks stories. We held a Kick Off call this past week to get to welcome our members and introduce members from the Carolla Drinks Team.  It was great meeting the group and learning more about some of our Mangria fans.  


A Brand Ambassador is a social advocate and ‘super fan’ that enjoys sharing their experiences with the Carolla Drinks brand. Each Brand Ambassador is a positive spokesperson and opinion leader regarding our products, news, events and customer service. 

The Carolla Drinks team cares about our customers and can now stay even more connected to our super fans through a monthly ambassador meeting held online, in person events and social media.  

Today, we introduce two of our Brand Ambassadors, Jack and Keith! 

Meet Jack T.
I live in Jupiter Florida (insert Florida joke here) with my wife Katherine and our two dogs.  We have a twenty-year-old son who is in the Navy.  I was in the Navy for ten years, which is where I received my training as an air traffic controller.  I currently work at Pam Beach International.  I enjoy fishing both salt water and fresh water.  Since moving to Florida I have been trying to learn to surf. Katherine and I both enjoy Mangria and Brose is probably our favorite.  I do enjoy the original as well and usually put a little shot of Jack Daniels in mine. We usually drink Mangria while grilling or just relaxing and watching some TV.
Meet Keith J.

I live in Kalona, IA (about 20 miles south of Iowa City, IA).  Kalona is considered an Amish community with many Amish and Mennonite families around. You cannot buy Mangria in Iowa, so I either have to pick some up during my travels to upstate NY, Michigan, or Chicago. I have also shipped from Binny’s or BevMo and more recently through the online Carolla Drinks web store since that is an option now for shipping to Iowa. I am a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa (I study herpesviruses in the Carver College of Medicine). I like to play hockey, exercise, bike, garden and travel. My favorite Mangria flavor is Original Orange, but Brose is a close second. I drink Mangria on ice, usually crushed ice, which makes me drink it slower because I like to chew the ice. I get wasted to fast if I drink it straight up. 
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